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There are three main aspects of Palmistry:  
: A study of genetic hand shape, finger shape, finger nails, texture, consistency, gesture, etc that is used by hand analysts in order to gain insight into aspects of the inner workings of the personality. 
: A study of the lines within the palms. From ancient times until the 19th century this was basically the only aspect of palmistry which existed. 
Dermatoglyphics: A study of skin ridge patterns and formations found on the fingertips and within the palms themselves. Much research has and continues to be done with regard to how certain patterns may be indicative of genetic problems.


Chirognomy is the study of mounts in chiromancy, the occult art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm of the hand. Each mount correlates to a planetary influence. The thumb, Rhea, is above the mount of Venus. The index finger, ruled by Jupiter, is above the mount of Jupiter. The middle finger, ruled by Saturn, is above the mount of Saturn. The ring finger, ruled by Apollo/the Sun God, is above the mount of Apollo. The pinky finger, ruled by Mercury, is above the mount of Mercury. Upper Mars mount is located beneath the mount of Jupiter, the plain of Mars is located in the center of the palm (beneath the mount of Saturn), and lower Mars mount is located beneath the mounts of Apollo and Mercury. Earth mount is located on the fleshy mount created on the back side of the hand when the thumb and index finger are pushed against each other. The mount of Luna is located on the lower part of the palm directly below the lower plain of Mars.

Chirognomy is the study of the size, shape and appearance of the hand, including analysis of the color, texture and resiliency of the skin. A good place to start the study of Chirognomy is by getting to know the basic hand shapes. Assessment of the shape of the hand provides insight into the essential character of the individual.

Most of the people ignores Chirognomy but with my experience, I found that it holds equal importance as lines in hand do.

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Personal Palm Readings



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