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Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is the practice of telling fortunes from the lines, marks, and patterns on the hands, particularly the palms. Palmistry was practiced in many ancient cultures, such as India, China and Egypt.

The lines in the hand can be divided into 3 groups: the major lines, the minor lines and the personal lines. There are 3 major lines to be found in the hand. These are the Life Line, the Heart Line and the Head Line. The minor lines run vertically in the hand and each is named for the finger under which it terminates. Everything else is considered a personal line. The personal lines may have names and fit into categories though there may be some lines that are quite unique to the individual. It is through practice and experience that the palmist can learn how to interpret these lines.

Though most hands will have the 3 majors and at least one or two of the minors, every hand is unique and many of these lines will be absent from a number of the hands you observe.

The lines in the hand change all during the life and reflect the changes in behavior, attitude, lifestyle and experience of the individual. Taking dated prints of the hands provides a record of what the hands reveal at a particular point in time. The optimum appearance of the lines is to be clean, deep, light red in color, and with no apparent breaks or other markings. Any deviation from this optimum tells of difficulties in the area of life represented by that particular line. 

Know about Lines

Life Line | Head Line | Heart Line | Fate Line
Sun Line
 | Marriage Line | Travel Line 
Intuition Line
Travel Line


Send a print out or scanned image of your Palm to us and we will provide the answers of all your question related to your future. 






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August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>
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