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The color of the nails and the size of the small "moons" on each nail identify the quality of the blood circulation and oxygen level of the bloodstream. As the "moons" disappear, the circulation has become weaker. Any color other than pink usually signifies a problem from toxins in the blood.

Reading the Finger nails

One of the many things our fingernails reveal is the state of our Nervous System. As our efficiency at dealing with stress deteriorates, the nails will follow this progression:

The methods of dealing with stress are so effective that health actually improves with each new change.
White Spots
Insufficient time has been taken to recover from previous stresses, and the Nervous System is showing its first warning signs.
The stresses in life have become more frequent and harder to deal with. Mineral deficiencies are present.
Fluted (vertical ridges)
The pattern of denial has become a habit, and life has turned into a constant series of aggravations and traumas. Neglecting the need for recovery at this stage will result in debility from severe illnesses or accidents.
Turned back at tip (dish-shaped)
Illnesses caused by stress and worry have become common. At this stage, spinal weakness becomes a problem.
Cross Trenches (horizontal pits, holes, or trenches)
A state of disease has become normal. Cross trenches are often brought on by the death of a loved one.
The body has been abused to the point where it has begun systematically shutting down.

Among the 10 nails, most people have conditions from two different categories, showing a transition stage between the conditions indicated.

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