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The Thumb

The thumbs reveal the sense of self, and the ways in which we control ourselves and our environment. The keyword for the thumb is "Control".

The tip segment of the thumb, or First Phalanx, shows the strength of will and how it is used. The longer and wider this phalanx, the more domineering the individual. (Control of others).

The middle segment, or Second Phalanx, reveals the logic and cognitive ability. This segment is considered developed when it has a "waisted" appearance, narrow in the middle. A developed middle segment shows a well developed mind. (Control of thoughts).

The Third Segment is found within the Mount of Venus. It is not a Phalanx, but is in fact the First Metacarpal. This segment shows how the individual uses (or denies) their lusts and passions. (Control of desire).


Knuckles are either smooth or knotted. Smooth knuckles indicates that the mind shifts easily from one topic to another. Knotted knuckled individuals cannot easily stop thinking about any unfinished project or idea, and love adding detail to their work. Knotted knuckles will tend to finish every project, while smooth knuckles will not.

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Personal Palm Readings


Personal Palm Readings




August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>


August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>
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