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I have been doing meditation since 25yrs. I have got hold over meditation through divine sources and my increasing experience in the field. I had severe issues of stomach, back ache and throat which I have minimized with the help of my meditation and healing techniques.

I have experienced and discovered secret mantras by energizing them and also activated chakras by removing blockage from them with the help of meditation.

Here on, you can send your picture. We will check your past present and future according to your blockages.. I will do this activityfree of cost for you.

While sending pic you may know about your blockages, which creates hurdles in your life. Due to these blockages, you are not progressing in your present life. We will heal you spiritual, mental, physically and emotional levels through distance healing. As spiritual energy is not limited by time and space, distant healing is possible to heal anyone.

After this activity, i will tell you which of the 7 chakras are having blockages and how much healing is required to heal your issues. You can go for the distance healing for the recommended days.

Also, I will tell you how you can balance your weak or affected chakra so that the problems you are facing in your life will get balanced.

Me and my team will do healing for you and the problems will get solved with the blessing of supreme powers and your masters.

You can contact me or my team member through AstroJyotish Customer care number : +91-9313392717 (Mobile)

- Dr. Harsha Khandelwal

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