Dreams Start with English Alphabets




Ancestors. Seeing your ancestors indicates a big fortune coming.
Ants. Ants climbing upon a bed indicates bad news in the future.
Arguments. If you argue with your husband or wife you'll be ill. If someone humiliates you, you'll have money coming from an unexpected source. Arguments with a stranger or someone you vaguely know indicates good fortune. (See: Fighting)




Beneficent Spirits. Entering a temple or church with moving spirits indicates a great fortune coming to you. Moving statues of spirits in your living room indicates big fortune. Seeing yourself praying with moving statues indicates money coming. Speaking with spirits indicates good fortune. Welcoming spirits in your house indicates luck in money matters. Seeing spirits and saints indicates a fortunate and happy family. Angry spirits indicate misfortune. Spirits and saints entering your house indicates food and clothing. Speaking with a female spirit indicates a child with fame and fortune. Being beaten by a spirit indicates big misfortune. (See: Coffins, Ghosts, Priests, Nuns, Temples) Bells. A ringing bell indicates a visit from a distant relative or friend.
Birds. A crane flying in the sky indicates a small argument. A white crane by the side of the road indicates an unpleasant encounter with police. Parrots calling your name indicate an argument. A bird landing on your body indicates a child with fortune and fame. A peacock indicates big money. A chicken in a tree indicates money coming.
Blood. If blood covers your body this indicates good fortune.
Boats. Seeing or riding in a speeding boat indicates a substantial sum of money will come to you. Riding in a boat while passing beneath a bridge indicates great good fortune and money. Seeing or riding in a slow boat usually indicates peace, tranquility and some money. A docked boat in disrepair indicates disadvantage in an expected benefit.
Bridges. A broken bridge indicates an encounter with police or government officials. A broken bridge with the sight of water can indicate obtaining money from government sources or lawsuits. (See: Boats, Wife)
Buffalo. A water buffalo entering your house indicates someone you know will pass away. (See: Cows)




Cars. A car that doesn't run indicates you will not obtain what you wish for. A car with no tires or tires falling off indicates the loss of money. If an ill person enters a car this indicates serious misfortune. A car which runs indicates a period of good luck in minor affairs.
Cats. A cat chasing a rat indicates money coming.
Cloth. Cutting cloth with a scissor or knife indicates receipt of money.
Clothes. Wearing very neat clothing indicates your grandchildren will be wealthy. New clothes indicate a new lover.
Clouds. Clouds around you indicate success in business dealings. White clouds indicate good fortune. Dark clouds indicate misfortune. Clouds uncovering the sun indicate a solution to problems. Clouds of many colors indicate great fortune. A cloudy sky indicates no success. A rainy and cloudy sky indicates misfortune. (See: Rain, Sky, Thunder)
Coffins. A coffin lowering into a grave indicates an end to worry and trouble. An open coffin in a grave indicates excellent fortune. Seeing a dead or live person come up from a coffin indicates money coming. (See: Death, Graves, Beneficent Spirits, Ghosts)
Cows. A yellow cow entering your house indicates money, fame and lasting fortune. A cow going uphill indicates great fortune and success. Pulling a cow uphill indicates big money coming. (See: Buffalo)
Crabs. Seeing crabs indicates your illness will end. Seeing a crab change into a fish indicates you will lose money and property. Crying. Hearing or seeing distant sobbing indicates illness. (See: Illness)




Dancing. Seeing dancing indicates an argument. Dancing on the water indicates money and good fortune.
Death. Seeing yourself dead with dead bodies around you indicates a big fortune coming to you. Seeing a dead person rise up indicates you will receive a letter. (See: Ghosts, Coffins, Beneficent Spirits)
Debts. Paying off your debts indicates recovery from an illness.
Dogs. A dog biting its master indicates worry and the loss of money.
Doors. A broken door indicates misfortune. A door which opens by itself indicates your wife may have a lover. A open door indicates great fortune. Dragons. A dragon coming to your door indicates big money and fame. A dragon accompanied by a snake indicates a smaller sum on money. (See: Snakes)
Drinking. Drunkeness indicates illness. Drinking in a high place indicates big money coming.




Eating. Eating only vegetables indicates bad luck. Eating beef in the dining room indicates good luck. Eating a large piece of beef indicates an argument. Eating corn indicates a separation. Eating raw meat indicates misfortune. Eating cooked meat indicates good fortune.




Farms. A good harvest indicates you'll always have money. Walking in a vegetable field indicates luck in money matters. Walking into a garden indicates good luck. Planting vegetables indicates long life. (See: Foliage, Rice Field)
Fighting. Beating a person indicates assistance will come to you. Fighting with your brothers indicates good fortune. Fighting with your wife or husband indicates the problems between you will be resolved. If your lover beats you or strikes you this indicates misfortune. Two women fighting indicates an illness. Being beaten by police or government officials indicates you will recall a deceased relative. Being tied up by someone indicates illness. (See: Wife, Women, Arguments, Ropes)
Fireworks. All worries and troubles will soon be gone.
Fish. Catching fish with a net indicates big money coming.
Foliage (Greenery; Flowers). Being in the midst of lush foliage indicates a good family. Seeing your garden produce beautiful greenery indicates many instances of good luck. Seeing dead foliage indicates a bad person around you. Sitting or lying in a florist's shop indicates an end to illness. Dividing flowers with someone you know indicates a separation between you.




Ghosts. An argument with ghosts indicates you will prolong your life. Being beaten by ghosts indicates big misfortune. (See: Beneficent Spirits, Ghosts, Death)
Graves. Beautiful greenery around a grave indicates enduring good fortune. No greenery but dirt around a grave indicates misfortune.




Hair. Seeing white hair falling from your head indicates worry about children or grandchildren. Seeing your hair all white indicates a long life and good fortune. Seeing yourself with unkempt hair indicates an urgent matter you must attend to. The sight of a woman with unkempt hair indicates a sexual encounter. If your hair is falling and you have a stomachache this indicates misfortune. Seeing yourself grooming your hair and washing your face indicates an end to your worries. Washing your hair and moving to a new residence indicates an end to illness. (See: Washing)
Handkerchief. An argument is indicated.
Hills. Walking or running up a hill with no greenery indicates an end to illness. Running downhill indicates money is coming. (See: Foliage) Horses. Riding a fast horse indicates good news. Riding a slow horse indicates bad news. Riding a white horse indicates illness. A horse dancing in front of your door indicates an end to your worries and troubles.
Houses. A dent in the floor indicates worry for your mother. A dent in the living room floor indicates an unfortunate event for your family. A cracked floor indicates illness for you. Walking to an upper floor indicates a big fortune coming. An empty house indicates someone you know may pass away. Washing and cleaning your house indicates a visitor may come from far away. Decorating your house indicates indicates big fortune. Walking into a house indicates good fortune. Burning your house indicates a profit in business matters. A post or pillar of a house falling down indicates a great disaster.




Illness. An ill person crying and laughing at the same time indicates your illness will disappear.




Killing. Killing a chicken, duck or pig indicates good fortune. Killing a lamb or sheep indicates misfortune. If someone kills you this indicates a substantial fortune in your future. If you kill someone this indicates wealth and fame.
Kitchens. A kitchen on fire indicates an urgent matter that must be attended to right away. A stove in the kitchen sucking water indicates sudden good luck. Remodeling the kitchen indicates good fortune.
Knives. Dropping a knife indicates a loss of money. A woman holding a knife indicates you will have a son. Injuring yourself with a knife indicates money and good fortune coming to you. Committing suicide with a knife indicates great fortune and money.




Lights. Bright, shining lights indicate great fortune, large profits, and the receipt of money.
Lightning. Being struck by lightning indicates good fortune. Moving away from lightning indicates big money. (See: Thunder, Sky, Rain, Clouds) Lions. A lion roaring indicates your name will be well known.




Mirrors. A bright mirror indicates good fortune. A dim mirror indicates misfortune. A broken mirror indicates a broken marriage. Receiving a new mirror as a gift indicates a son or daughter with fame. Seeing yourself in a bright mirror indicates good fortune. Seeing yourself in a dim mirror indicates misfortune. Seeing yourself in a broken mirror indicates separation.
Money. Picking up money from the floor indicates substantial good fortune: nothing can prevent you from reaching your goals. The sight of coins indicates someone will speak badly about you. Dividing money at home indicates you will separate from your family.
Moon. A moon shining on you at night indicates a better job offer. A disappearing sun and moon indicates worry about your parents. A moonrise indicates a prosperous family. A moonset indicates servants will take advantage of you. (See: Sun)
Mud. Mud or dirt on your clothes indicates misfortune. Being covered with stinking mud indicates a large sum of money coming to you. Music. Hearing music and songs in your own home indicates the death of someone you know. Hearing or seeing singing indicates an argument. Musical Instruments. Playing a musical instrument indicates you will attend a party in the near future.




Nudity. The sight of naked bodies indicates substantial good fortune. (See: Women)
Nuns. Seeing yourself with nuns indicates you will lose money.




Pens. Holding a pen indicates a letter from far away.
Pigs. Seeing a dead pig indicates a problem coming. (See: Killing)
Priests. Priests teaching indicates wealth. Priests praying and saving people indicates good fortune.




Rain. Walking in the rain indicates a feast. A rain stopping with bright views indicates an end to sorrow and trouble. A big storm and heavy rain indicates someone you know may pass away. (See: Sky, Thunder)
Rainbows. A colorful rainbow indicates substantial good fortune. A rainbow with no color indicates misfortune. (See: Sky)
Rats. Rats chewing your clothes indicates you will obtain what you hope for.
Reading. Seeing someone reading indicates a child of fame and fortune.
Rice Field. Standing in a rice field indicates a big fortune will come to you. Cutting rice in the field indicates good food and fine clothing.
Sitting or lying in a rice field indicates big fortune.
Rocks. Sitting or lying on a large rock indicates sudden good luck. Holding a small rock in your hand indicates a child with talent and fame.
Bringing stones or rocks into your house indicates a sum of money is coming to you.
Ropes. Being tied with a rope indicates long life.




Shrimp. Shrimp crying and running away indicate people will speak badly about you.
Sky. Facing up to the sky indicates money, fame and fortune. Flying in the sky indicates you will be wealthy, successful and famous. A clear sky indicates a child with great talent leading to fame and fortune. A rainy and cloudy sky indicates misfortune. A dark sky and little rain indicates something bad. A cloudy sky indicates no success. (See: Clouds, Rain, Sun, Moon)
Snakes. A snake changing into a dragon indicates help from an important person. Being bitten by a snake indicates big money coming. (Note: In Taiwanese custom, a snakebite means a loss of money.) Seeing a knot of snakes indicates possession by spirits and ghosts. Seeing a snake come to you indicates a child with fame and fortune. Seeing black snakes indicates an argument. Seeing green snakes indicates good fortune. A snake coming to your door indicates money coming.
Snow. Snow falling on you indicates success in every matter. Snow falling in your house indicates a member of your family may die, or a bad circumstance may arise.
Soldiers. Defeated soldiers indicates misfortune. Soldiers on horseback entering a castle indicates new clothing and attendance at a party. Stars. Falling stars indicate illness. Holding a star in your hand indicates a baby with fame and fortune.
Sun (Sunrise, Sunset). The morning sun shining upon you indicates a better business offer. A sun ray striking you indicates an end to illness. An early dawn indicates a long life. A sunset and a disappearing moon means you will worry about your parents. A sun ray entering your house indicates representatives from government will come to look for you. A disappearing sunset indicates servants will take advantage of you. A sunrise without clouds indicates a big fortune is coming. A bright day indicates a baby with fame and fortune. Feeling great joy about a sun and moon indicates high social standing for your child. (See: Moon, Sky, Clouds, Lights)
Sweating. Seeing yourself sweating indicates great anger.




Teeth. Brushing your teeth indicates good health for a long period. Fallling teeth indicate a misfortune for your parents. Falling teeth instantly replaced with new teeth indicates you'll have many grandchildren.
Temples (Churches). A large temple or church indicates everything will be fortunate for you. (See: Beneficent Spirits, Ghosts, Priests, Nuns) Thieves. Seeing a thief enter your home indicates there is a serious conflict in your family that may result in separation.
Thunder. Moving with striking thunder indicates big money. Thunder with no rain indicates good luck for a long period. Hearing thunder but seeing no lightning indicates good fortune for a moderate period of time. (See: Rain, Clouds, Sky, Lightning)
Trees. Seeing trees in front of your home indicates repeated happiness. Dead branches or trees coming alive again indicate many children and grandchildren. Trees with ripe fruit indicate your children and grandchildren will be safe and peaceful. Standing beneath a tree indicates protection from a powerful person. A dead tree indicates a bad person. A tree which suddenly falls down indicates a feeling of unease. (See: Foliage)
Toilets. Seeing yourself on the toilet indicates big misfortune. The sight of a filthy toilet may indicate great wealth. Towns. An empty town indicates a feeling on unease. (See: Wife)




Umbrellas. Giving an umbrella to someone indicates a separation.




Washing. Seeing yourself washing your hands and feet indicates an end to a chronic illness.
Water. The sight of water is uniformly an indication of money and good fortune. Seeing yourself jumping into water, either by yourself or alone, is a sign of substantial good luck. Seeing yourself drinking water indicates great luck. Seeing clear running water indicates good fortune. Seeing unclean running water may indicate misfortune or obtaining money from questionable sources. Walking on water indicates good fortune. Standing on water indicates misfortune, or may indicate small money.
Wells. Digging a well indicates substantial good fortune.
Wife. Seeing your wife pregnant indicates she'll have an affair. Seeing a door open by itself indicates your wife will betray you with another man. Holding hands with your wife while walking on a bridge indicates she will become pregnant. Visiting a town or city with your wife indicates you'll obtain a house or land. (See: Arguments, Doors, Fighting)
Wind. Wind blowing through your clothes indicates illness. Listening to a strong wind indicates a letter will be received from far away. (See: Thunder, Clouds, Lightning, Snow)
Women. Seeing yourself walking with a woman indicates a loss of money. Seeing a naked woman indicates money and good fortune. Seeing women fighting indicates illness. (See: Fighting, Arguments, Knives)