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In this we use Horary Astrology and give answers to your specific question correctly with or without the use of your Date of birth time of birth & place of birth.

Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification is very important to rectify the chart before making predictions. Rectification of the birth time increase the accuracy of the predictions.

Horoscope Matching Report

Horoscope Matching report is must before marriage to have a better and successful married life. This report plays pivotal role while deciding for a perfect and successful life partner.

Life Predictions (Life Report)

Life Astrology Report will cover the main aspects of your life such as Love, Romance, Sex, Marriage, Children, Money, Career, Foreign Travel, Health and much more.

Gem Consultancy Report

Check which gemstone will boost your luck, prosperity, property, mental peace, happiness, business, career, education, marriage and love relationshipi

Love Astrology Report

The report which clearly tells about your love life, your future with your partner and your chances to recieve love from your soulmate.

Marriage Report

Our astrologer will check your horoscope for marital happiness. The future predictions will be provided with needed remedies to improve your partnership with love/spouse.

Career Report

This report is manually prepared by astrologer to describe all points related to your career ahead. The bad and good periods will be given along with effective remedies.

Finance Report

You have capability to earn huge money but your planets may not be supporting you. Know when to do right action to change your fate and what remedies to follow

Child Report

A manually written report for your child covering all areas of life like Education, Health, Finance, Career, Love, Marriage and others.

Child Birth Report

Know if the planets are favoring your childbirth. It is possible to reduce the malefic effects of planets through small remedies and we provide complete analysis of parent horoscope.

Education Report

Sometimes even after giving our best, we get less marks or poor results. There is a major reason for this. To know which is the best field for you, go for Education Report..

Health Report

Health is the most important thing in life. We analyze your planets to check what would be health problems that could trouble you in future. Get solutions to cure them right now.

Mahurat Report

Any activity performed at auspicious time gives best results. If you are planning for anything important, do not miss performing it on Subh Mahurat.

Sade Sati Report

Saturn is transiting over your Natal Moon and your Sade Saati is going on. Check if the Sade Sati remedies are required by you or not. Appease Lord Saturn for huge success..

Year Ahead Report

Analysis on a complete year from now. Covering predictions on future events coming in next year for you. The is one of the wonderful report opted by most of the people.

Karma Report

Everything happening in our life is the result of our karma. Few past life events could be told in this report that are linked with your present life. Remedies will be very effective. .

Remedy Report

Each planet is going to be analyzed properly and the right remedies will be suggested through this report. Pujas, Homa, Big or small remedies. All covered..

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