Birth Time rectification

Birth Time rectification - Astrology Service

The correct birth time is the pre-requisite for the astrological predictions. This is quiet important when one wants to charter the course of life on the basis of the astrological advice. Only a handful people have their Birth time Recorded up to the last minute. In this also there are various school of thoughts different astrologers have their different views on the correct Birth time.

Price: US $ 16 / INR 1100 only

We at use a very logical and correct method of Rectification of Birth time. The major events of Life are matched with the horoscope and the right time is derived after matching the two.

Many of the astrologers give future predictions without rectifying the time and this is the main reason that most of their predictions go wrong. It is very important to rectify the chart before making predictions. With the help of your life events, we will help you in knowing your correct birth time and also give you more accurate predictions through our other reports.

  • Achievements in Education
  • Educational Qualification
  • Awards
  • Litigation
  • Purchase/sale of Property
  • Purchase/sale of Vehicle
  • Ups and Downs of health
  • Hospitalization
  • Accident
  • Travel to foreign land
  • Ups and Downs of Career
  • Love/breaking up of relationship
  • Fixation of Marriage
  • Change of residence
  • Winning of lottery etc.