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Free Kalsarpa Dosha or Kalsarpa Yog

The Kalsarpa Dosha or Kalsarpa Yog is formed in a horoscope when all the seven planets among the Navgraha comes between Rahu and Ketu. Some of the astrologers consider that the placement of Moon outside the Rahu-Ketu axis is the exception and still believe the Kalsarpa dosh. However keeping out of even a single planet outside the Rahu and Ketu Axis does not form Kalsarp Dosh.

As per the traditional Vedic astrology there are twelve different types of Kalsarpa yoga or Kalsarp Dosh. Kalsarpa yog is suppose to bring problem in the many area of life of the person depending on the placement of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope such as mental stress, health issues, lack of wealth, family problems etc.

But is not true and It is seen that even if the two people have the Kalsarpa Yog with the placement of Rahu-Ketu in same houses the result can be different. One of them faces time to time problems in life whereas other has almost smooth life.

Hence it should be note that the Kalsarpa yog is not bad for all and you do not need to fear from it. There are so many remedies are mentioned in the Vedic Astrology which includes the yantra, mantra, Pujas, gemstone etc. for reducing the negative effects of Kalsarpa Dosha or Kalsarpa Yog. The remedies certainly bring positive results in the sphere of life who are affected by Kalsarpa Dosh.

You can check it free here whether you actually have Kalsarpa Yog in your horoscope or not.

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