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Ask A Question - Astrology Service

THIS is a special feature of In this we use Horary Astrology and give answers to your specific question correctly with or without the use of your Date of birth time of birth & place of birth. This method also gives answers to questions which cannot be answered through your horoscope.

Price for 1 question is US $7 / INR 500/- only's Ask A Question is highly reliable and is based on the method called the Horary Astrology (Prashna Kundli system). Horary Astrology has a scientific approach as any other branch of astrology and it is a divine and sublime method of fore-seeing events from the position of the planets at the moment when one propounds seriously a question about any important matter.

Any query regarding longevity, Health, Success or Failure, Love, Time of Marriage, Divorce, Result of Examination, Job, Gain by Lottery or Stock Market, Success in Litigation & Legacy etc can be answered through the Ask A Question (Prashna System) . You should feel free to ask any question that worries or concerns you most of the time. The problem area may differ from person to person. The question can be of any sort but one thing that has to be kept in one's mind is that the question should be clear and the question should be a genuine one. This system gives correct results when the questioner is serious to know the answer.

According to the method which we follow zodiac is divided into segments based on the Rashi lord, Nakshatra lord and sub lord. So, there are 249 segments in the zodiac, and when a querent comes with a question, they are asked a number between 1 and 249. This determines the ascendant and the planets are placed in the chart for the time of query (disregarding the actual ascendant for the moment). So when a querent gives a number from 1 to 249, he/she is actually identifying a particular Sub Division which is later used to draw a horoscope. In this method Time of Query and Place of Query is important.