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Marriage is the union of two people, in which two different people make agreements to live together for lifetime. It is the most sacred event. It is the unanimous desire of each and everyone to have a happy and prosperous married life. It is not about living with someone perfect, but it is to be with one who can share your incompleteness and mutually make it complete. It is about your association of sharing good and bad times and become each other's strength. So if you are looking for a life partner or if you are already married, then you might be having many questions in your mind about marriage. We have answers for them.

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If you are unmarried:

  •  When will I get married?
  •  Why am I encountering delays in marriage?
  •  Will i have a love marriage or arrange marriage?
  •  Does he/she love me?
  •  Will my spouse be loving and caring towards me?
  •  My Spouse's nature and behaviour
  •  Will I marry a foreigner or a native?
  •  How to know which one is right for me?
  •  When me and my spouse turn compatible/
  •  Will i have pre or extra-marital affairs?
  •  Will my engagement break?
  •  Will my marriage break?
  •  Will I remain unmarried through your life?
  •  How would my married life be?

If you are married:

  •  I am a divorcee. Will I marry again? When?
  •  When will the problems with husband/wife be over?
  •  When will the problems with in-laws be over?
  •  Will we reunite again?
  •  Is my husband/wife cheating me?
  •  Will my husband/wife have extra-marital affairs?
  •  Will my marriage survive?
  •  Will we reconcile?
  •  Will we have children in future?
  •  My husband/wife is alcoholic, will he/she improve?
  •  Will I have to face legal battle?
  •  Will my marriage break?
  •  Will I win the court case?
  •  Will I get the custody of kids?
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