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If you are looking for a right remedy for your problem, then this report is definetly going to help you. We will prepare a Prashna horoscope for your specific query and our astrologer analyze the horoscope to tell you the exact remedies that you need to do to cure your problems. Any issues like delay in marriage, problems with partner, job issue, financial problem or any kind of question you can ask here. Astrology will help you to find out the right solutions. With the help of Vedic remedies you can reduce the negative effects of planets.

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  •  Which one is the best remedy for me?
  •  I am unhappy due to obstacles and continuous difficulties in life. What is the remedy?
  •  Some astrologers told me that I have Dosha in my horoscope. How can I remove it?
  •  Tell which Puja is going to bring love and happiness in my life?
  •  I want to attract my lover. Is it possible, how?
  •  Is there any mantra which I recite and achieve professional success?
  •  Tell me all effective remedies I can do in my life?

Price for 1 question is US $7 / INR 500/- only

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