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Check the result if you have Sade Sati effects on you or not.

Sade Sati is not always bad. If the placement of Saturn in horoscope is good, then people will get wonderful results during Sade Sati or Dhaiya periods.

Select your moon rashi (moon sign) and check the result.

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Free Remedies for Sade Saati for everyone

  • Saturn is a true discipliner. If one starts helping others and keep good feelings for everyone, Lord Saturn will become happy with the person and bless him/her with many good things.
  • Doing service for others is the best remedy.
  • One should do hard work without much desires.
  • Doing Lord Krishna or Lord Hanuman Puja will also reduces the bad effects of Sade Sati.
  • If you are running with Sade Sati, you can go for a personalized report to get more effective remedies.

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