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Free Sade Sati or Dhaiya Check

In Vedic Astrology Saturn is considered one of the fearful planets. It is believed that Saturn gives delay and obstacles in one's life. But Saturn also give the good results and success but with some struggle and hard work. Saturn stays two and a half years in each sign in a horoscope. When Saturn come into the 12th house, 1st house, and 2nd house from the placement of Moon in the natal chart, the period of Sade Sati gets started. Since Saturn stays two and half years (dhaiya of Saturn) in each house which will be seven and half years in total it is called Sade Sati.

It is assumed that when a person is passing through the Sade Sati period he will have to suffer in his life. He might struggle to get success and will find losses, faces accidents and sudden failures. The person may also get some health issue. He may also find hindrances in getting married and find troublesome marital life if married. There are also other disadvantages described.

Sade Sati is not always bad. If the placement of Saturn in horoscope is good, then people will get wonderful results during Sade Sati or Dhaiya periods. The sub periods of dasha and strength of the Saturn and sub periods is also decides the positive or negative of sade sati.

You can also make an attempt to use Saturn's remedies to reduce the malefic effects of Sade sati. Saturn remedies will be fruitful to you if you use them with faith and devotion. You can try whichever remedy is convenient to you. Some of the common remedies for Saturn Sade Sati are:

  • Worship of lord Shiva.
  • Water Pipal tree.
  • Light a lamp of seasum seed's oil or mustard oil beneath the papal tree on Saturday.
  • Worship lord Saturn.
  • Worship Lord hanuman to please lord Shani.

You can check it free here whether you are running through the Sade Sati or not.