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Manglik dosh or Kuja Dosha is one of the most worrisome concept considered in Hindu/Vedic Astrology especially at the time of marriage. In a horoscope Manglik dosh or Kuja Dosha is formed if the planet Mars (Mangal) is placed in any of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house.

There are so many viewpoints and misconceptions are related with the Manglik dosha. The formation of Manglik dosha in a horoscope is supposed to affect the marriage of the person in a negative way such as delay in marriage or disharmony in marital life. It is also believe that a manglik should get married with the Manglik only. Otherwise it might bring untimely death of non-manglik partner.

But it is not true at all. A Manglik person can have timely marriage along with a good marital life depending on the strength of planet Mars in the horoscope. Vedic Astrology also has arrangement of many remedies and also cancellation of Manglik dosha so that a Manglik can marry a Non Manglik. So it is wise to not to depend on Manglik dosha only and should check the complete horoscope to know the positive or negative of Manglik or Kuja Dosha.

You can check the formation of Manglik dosh or kuja dosh in your horoscope for free here.

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