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A career is collection of the jobs held, awards/titles earned and skilful work over a long period of time. With the help of astrology you can analyze what is in stars for your career and how to bring out the best of it, if it is good and how to reverse the bad effects if the prospect of your career is looking down. All the important happenings in ones career can be known by the thorough analysis of the Horoscope/Birth chart.You may have many questions in your mind related to your career, job, promotions, employer, boss, colleague, workplace etc. our expert astrologer has answers to your questions like.

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  •  When will I get job?
  •  What is the right time to change the job?
  •  Why I am facing complications in getting new job?
  •  When will I get promotion?
  •  Will I get a Government Job?
  •  Which profession suits me?
  •  Will my colleagues be cooperative with me?
  •  Will there be a person who is trying to harm my career?
  •  Is my job at a risk?
  •  Will I face legal trouble from employee/employer?
  •  How successful job change will be for me
  •  What kind of growth my career will have? Will it be steady or fast?
  •  Is it a right time to think about business or get into business?
  •  What kind of business will suit me?
  •  Will partnership business suit me?
  •  Any transfer or change of nature of work?
  •  Any Foreign travel through work?

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