Mahurat Report

Mahurat or Muhurat Report

Mahurat is also commonly known as electional astrology. It is basically the auspicious time to start a new endeavor. Muhurat is the basic diagnostic tool being used by Vedic astrologers to elect or choose the the auspicious time for various events. Muhurat differs from person to person as well as work to work i.e. a particular Muhurat may be suitable for a person but the same time may not be suitable for the other person this is primarily because of different birth times & different type of work require different type of Muhurat for example Muhurat for purchase of car will not apply to starting of a new business.

WE drive the Mahurat for a particular event by keeping in mind the following 6 points:

  • Horoscope of the person who is concerned & who has to perform the activity
  • Activity which is to be performed
  • Planetary position
  • Lunar day
  • 'Nakshatra' during the period it is to be performed
  • The span of time in which commencement of the activity has to be started

Mahurat is specially required for easy flow of cosmic powers to ensure success right from the start of the activity. It is basically going with the transit of favorable stars. Our Muhurat Report will give all the details required to start an new endeavor to ensure a bright future for the activity.

The different types of Mahurat Reports which people normally request are:

  • Marriage
  • Education
  • Giving Interviews
  • Joining a New Job
  • Employment
  • Speculation
  • Starting of Business
  • Purchase of a Machine
  • Partnership
  • Applying for a Visa
  • Travel
  • Greh Parvesh
  • For Purchase and Construction of Property
  • Purchase of a Vehicle
  • Filing a Legal Case
  • Taking Medicine
  • Surgical Operation

We offer a detail insight into your life happenings and events related to health, finance, business, career, romance and marriage predictions etc. The exact and accurate timing of happening of these events is very important for good and successful results. Find out the most auspicious day, time or date for your important occasions. Get an insight into the actual significance of Muhurat and various combinations for finding out the auspicious Muhurat of any particular event
We will try our level best to answer your queries & provide you the best astrological guidance.

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