Progency Predictions Report

Progency Report (Child Birth Astrology Report)

Every married couple has a dream to have children and bring up a family. Couples without a child are always a topic of talks between them. People in the family as well as in the relations starts making stories on childless couples they start talking behind their backs and cause unnecessary stress to the couple. No one thinks that t there could be some reasons behind couple due to which there are not having a child. As everything is predestined, even the birth of child is controlled by destiny. The Progeny Report prepared by our expert astrologer will provide you the analysis of your horoscope in regard to childbirth the best time, period and many more relevant things. The horoscope of the couple is analyzed to the last minute detail. Special attention is given to the 2nd house (house of Family), fifth house (prime house of child birth) and the Saptamsa chart (divisional chart for child birth). The planets associated with the birth of a child are also analyzed. The timing of child birth is done with the most accurate Vimshottari Dasha. The factors affecting the delay in child birth are pinpointed and the remedies are suggested accordingly. There could be different astrological factors and planetary combinations which could be causing the delay and obstacles in getting blessed with the happiness of child birth. The Progeny Astrology report will point out the best and favorable time to bring up a family.

The Progeny Report will provide answers to questions such as :

  • What will be the best time to conceive
  • Is the pregnancy period free of any malefic effect
  • Is there any chance of miss carriage
  • How many children will I have etc.
  • Remedies for getting children.?

This Progeny report will cover details about Child Birth. After the analysis of your horoscope our expert astrologer will let you know the best time for child birth and if there are any problems like miscarriage or unforeseen mishaps to progeny will also be identified. Our astrologer could help you to realize your dreams and suggest you the remedies to over come the hurdles in getting children or to overcome the obstacles in your child birth. The main aim of this report is to provide you a complete and clear picture in regards to child birth.
Opt now to gain from this divine science called Astrology.

Price: US $ 44 / INR 3100 only