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About Libra: The Sign of the Justice This zodiac sign of Libra is represented by a lady holding a Balance. The people born under this zodiac sign of Libra are fair and have the ability and capacity justice. They are even and just in the things they do and with the people around them. They do not make decisions in haste and take their time to do things in the right manner. These people are active most of the times. The Libra born work hard and also demand that their partners work just as hard as them. They hardly get angry bit when they do no one opposes them. They are calm, collected, and composed lot. The zodiac sign Libra born people mix well with people and pay attentions to other people’s details and requirements. They are good listeners. They have a sort of psychic abilities and have spiritualists bent of mind. They are a lover of occult but at the same time have the ability to reason everything.

Libra Physical traits: Libra born people have well built physique. They generally have a good height; have a slender body which at times gets stout with age. The Libra born has brownish black hair with a good texture. The Libra zodiac sign people have good features and are quiet graceful. They are fond of dress and also luxurious perfumes,
Libra ruled Body parts: The Libra zodiac sign rules the following body parts Kidneys, distillation and the urinary track,
Libra Color: The color which is best suited for Libra zodiac sign is all shades of Blue and Green
Libra Element : Movable Airy sign
The Libra zodiac sign like most movable signs are lover of art and music. They have an imaginative mind and a cheerful outlook. The Libra born are courteous and are hospitable too. The Libra born people have an attraction for the opposite sex passionate, affectionate and have charming manners. They always look in for comforts for this they at times are extravagant.
Libra Positive Strength: The people born under the zodiac sign Libra have a positive attitude and are decisive in all their thoughts and actions. They are seen to have great foresight and intuition powers. The Libra born are generally seen at their best when acting on first impressions. They have good nature and are loving people.

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Panchang Panchāng as the name implies in Hindi consists of five parts which are Tithi, day, Yog, Karan, Nakshatra. it is based on the position of planet Moon and changes every day. The Panchang is widely used in Vedic astrology.

Vedic Remedies The natal horoscope has various yogas and doshas in it and as per vedic astrology there are several remdies by which one can improve quality of life by reducing the malefic effects of the planets and also by enhancing the benefic effects. Vedic astrology remedies are of various types and if used in the right manner can prove to be very beneficial.

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