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Career Astrology Report

The Career report from will provide you the insight to your horoscope's planetary combinations, the positions and the complete analysis of the Dasha period, identifying the time of rise, instant gratification, changes, periods of stress and pressures, downfall, cheatings, demotions etc.
All the important happenings in ones career job can be known by the through analysis of the Horoscope/Birth chart. The career report if used well can be very helpful in taking the major decisions in life in regards to all the career making decisions. Problems in Job can also be minimized with the help of specific remedies in Vedic Astrology. Our expert astrologer can help you out by answering your questions such as :

  • The time when you will get a job
  • Time of change of Job?
  • Will the change be for betterment or not?
  • Will you get the desired raise ?
  • Time of promotions?
  • How and when will the things improve?
  • Any transfer or change of nature of work?
  • Any Foreign travel through work?

The Career report will be prepared manually by our expert astrologer using the Vedic astrology calculations.
The Career report prepared for you will consist of analysis of the relevant divisional charts and the analysis and timing of the events by using Vimshottari Dasha System. This Career astrology report will provide you the complete analysis of the horoscope related to career and the things related to which will be coming your way in the future. the Report will also provide the chart which will give you instant glance to the period of ups & downs the highs & the lows the good & the bad etc. You can take the help of this chart to to channelize your dreams & make the full use of the good phases of your life and to taste success early in your life.

Our astrologer will also suggest unique astrological remedies which will help you to overcome the obstacles in your horoscope and also to cross the bad phases in life.
You can also send in your questions related to career to be covered in the report.

US $48/ Rs. 3100/-

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