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free horoscope

Free Horoscope

Your free astrology horoscope chart consists of complete Vedic Astrological Charts and general predictions. Read More..

free gunmilan

Free Gun Milan (Horoscope Matching) Report

Gun Milan (Horoscope Matching) is a unique and ancient 8-fold Vedic test of horoscope matching between a man and woman's charts for marriage . Read More..

divisonal chart

Divisional Charts

The divisional chart are the Vedic astrology charts which provide insight to various aspects of life such as marriage, career, finance, children, health etc. It is vital to study the correct horoscope divisional chart in relation to astrology question along with the natal horoscope of a person. Read More..

manglik dosha

Free Manglik Dosha Report

For the purpose of matrimony the vedic astrology horoscope is analyzed for the Manglik Dosh. The Manglik is basically seen to be a malefic Dosh by which the married life of a couple could get disrupted. The real astrology fact though is far different from it. Read More..

divisonal chart

Free KalSarpa Dosha Report

When the seven planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu i.e., the moon's north node and the moon's south node Kalsarpa Yoga is formed. Complete kalsarpa yoga is formed only when half of the chart is unoccupied by planets. Even if one planet is outside the Rahu Ketu Axis there is no Kalsarpa Yoga. Read More..

Rahu Kalam

Rahu Kalam

A certain portion of the day ruled by Rahu which is considered inauspicious in some astrology text is know as the Rahu Kalam. It is calculated by adding to the time of sunrise for the day the following figures to get the time of its commencement. Rahu Kalam varies from place to place and changes every day. Read More..

Free Panchang

Free Panchang

Panchàng as the name implies in Hindi consists of five parts which are Tithi, day, Yog, Karan, Nakshatra. it is based on the position of planet Moon and changes every day. The Panchang is widely used in Vedic astrology. Read More..

Free Vedic Remedies

Free Vedic Remedies

The natal horoscope has various yogas and doshas in it and as per vedic astrology there are several remdies by which one can improve quality of life by reducing the malefic effects of the planets and also by enhancing the benefic effects. Vedic astrology remedies are of various types and if used in the right manner can prove to be very beneficial. Read More..

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