Number Eight

The Effect of Number Eight in Numerology


Traits: executive, professional, strength, money PROBLEM SOLVER, organizer, achiever, judgment

The number 8 symbolizes the principle of domination, control, and achievement. It is the executive decision-maker. The 8 tends to be rather formal, stern, and hard-headed. More comfortable in the realm of material, tangible facts, the 8 will be truly exceptional as soon as it develops its spiritual connection and intuition. A natural leader with a good grasp of how to accomplish any goal, it must learn compassion.

Gifts: Decisiveness, courage, focus, delegation

Challenges: Belligerence, manipulation, anger, judgment

Personal Goal: To exercise control over environment, to achieve power and status

Fears: Loss of prestige, being at the mercy of circumstances or of others less capable

Succeeds as: Any type of professional, business owner, publisher, contractor, engineer, financial analyst, judge

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