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The Devil
Card XV
Ruled By Capricorn

The image of the Devil is a familiar if sinister one. In the Tarot he squats above two slavish familiars who are chained to his pedestal. This is the card of materialism at its worst. The Devil rules the tyranny of the physical body and senses. The Devil is the bearer of the inevitable, often of disaster and misery; it is connected with lust and greed, and with a refusal to recognize anything other than the value of pleasure for its own sake.

Meaning: Unyielding power, tyranny, lust and greed. An immovable obstacle that cannot be overcome yet may be worked around. Discontent and depression caused by an overwhelming force. It also means unbreakable bonds. so. strangely, it is a good omen for marriage!

Reversed meaning: The beginning of freedom, light at the end of the tunnel, the overcoming of bad habits and addictions. Charitable deeds and thoughts.




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August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>
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