Tarot Cards

Major Arcana

The Chariot

The Chariot

Card VII
Ruled By Cancer

A crowned conqueror stands erect in a chariot and a luxuriant canopy. The chariot is drawn by two sphinxes symbolizing the mystery of the future as well as the positive and negative forces that draw us through our lives. There is an obvious similarity between this card and the Ancient Roman triumphal processions in which a general would parade through Rome at the head of his victorious legions. There is one word of warning implied here through. A slave would stand behind the conqueror whispering, 'Look not so proud for the gods are jealous. In other words it is vital not to become so flushed with success as to become arrogant, as some Roman emperors found to thier cost.

Meaning: Menacingly, Victory, conquest over difficult odds. The forces of destiny which drives one to achieve great things. Travel, movement generally, renewed optimism and motivation. Be self-reliant and you will gain success. Also unexpected good news.

Reversed Meaning: Being not of control, arrogance and bad temper. Travel plans that go wrong. Temporary delays and frustration.