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The Empress
Card III
Ruled By Venus

The Empress is the third numbered card in the Major Arcana. The number three is indicative of synthesis and harmony, childbirth and maternal productivity. The Empress is shown as an earth mother, fertile and caring, surrounded by comfort and abundance. Her crown is surmounted by twelve stars representing the signs of the zodiac. She had been called the star-crowned empress, herself the morning star. This is a direct identification with the goddess 'Venus' the morning star, who apart from her more usual realm o love, is also a deity associated with fruitfulness and harvest.
Meaning: This card to abundance, material and domestic comfort, security and protection. It is obviously a maternal card so may indicate childbirth, motherhood, nurturing, reassurance and a firm foundation for progress. The card is associated with springtime.
Reserved Meaning: being over-protective and tyrannical, emotional blackmail and perhaps poverty. Possibly problems in pregnancy.

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