Tarot Cards

Major Arcana

The Lovers

The Lovers

Card VI
Ruled By Gemini

This card obviously refers to strong emotions, a choice of the heart that cannot be made by logic alone. In older packs this card often showed a young man who had to make a decision between two women while Cupid hovered above, aiming his dart. Later versions of the card replaced Cupid with the fiery archangel St. Michael, and the group below by figures of Adam and Eve complete with the Trees of Knowledge and of Life. However, hidden in one of them is the serpent of temptation. The card represents the power of the human heart, power of attraction and a need to listen to one's desire and a deep emotional nature.

Meaning: A dececive point has been reached. An important choice must be made with reference to true desires rather than duty. A dramatic change of attitude will lead to happier times. Love, reconciliation and physical pleasures. A happy relationship in personal life or in business.

Reversed Meaning: An unhappy love affair, a failure to make up one's mind, unwelcome separation and emotional loss.