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The Hermit
Card IX
Ruled By Virgo

An old bearded man in a monk's habit holds up as lamp his way in the darkness. He leans upon a staff. The mood of the card is one of loneliness and fear of the dark, each footstep must be placed with carer, for the Hermit does not know his way.

The card points to re-evaluation. The Hermit is an old man who looks back on his past and realizes that there must be more than this. He knows next to nothing of the greater reality and fears his own ignorance. However, the Hermit does show a willingness to remedy that ignorance and gives the patience and discipline required to utilize past experience and old lessons to make the most out of the future.

Meaning: The card may stand for caution, patience, old age and experience. A prodent attitude is advised, so sudden courses of action are not the wisest at this time. A realization that there is always something new to learn. There is a warning against thoughtless actions.

Reserved meaning: Impatience, loneliness and obstinacy. Do not disregard advice from older and wiser folk.




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August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>
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