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The Justice
Card XI
Ruled By Libra

The crowned figure of Justice is often seen seated between pillars representing mercy and punishment. In her hands she holds the balance and sword. Her face is resolute and firm in conviction. She wears no blindfold, so she sees all the facts, and does not permit temptation or envy to misguide her.

The Justice card suggests the ignorance of the law is no more excuse in the courts of life than it is in the courts of men. Laws must be studied and obeyed if the penalties for transgressing them are to be avoided. However, being too harsh is also a mistake; the balance must not be tipped. Although the human judicial system may be fooled, divine justice can never be escaped.

Meaning: Good judgment, success in all legal affairs. A decision will go your way. Signing of contracts, unity, balance and harmony. The righting of a wrong. An advantageous business proposal.

Reversed meaning : Injustice, bad judgment and decisions going against you. Legal matters will not go well. Misguided advice.




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August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>
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