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The Star
Ruled By Aquarius

This card is one of the more mysterious ages of the Tarot. A naked maiden pours water from two pitchers. One stream flows into a pool, the other on to dry land. Above her, eight stars shine brightly
while a bird perches in a tree in the background. The idea of wishing upon a star is at the centre of the card's meaning. It shows that the universe is not the senseless, unjust Place that it can seem to be. The Star card shows that there is always something else, even when the going is really tough. The card can show a gesture of affection, perhaps a gift. Remember that the gifts of the Star are not always material.

Meaning: Insight, understanding and hope for the future. This card is a good indication that wishes will be fulfilled, not always as one expects, but even so, the unexpected can have a good result. The Star shows good health and that gifts will be given. The spiritual dimension of life should not be ignored.

Reversed meaning: Tension, pessimism, obstinacy and lack of opportunity. Bright hopes seem to have been dashed.




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August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>
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