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The Temperance
Card XIV
Ruled By Sagittarius

A winged angelic figure is pouring liquid from a cup or pitcher in her left hand to a cup in her right. This represents the flow of the unseen and mysterious into the seen and known, or from the unconscious mind to the conscious. The card relates to mixture. In old alchemy it was seen as the doctrine of solution in which all elements are combined. The angel possesses wings yet stands on earth and water while her halo is of fire. The angelic figure itself is of uncertain gender, as indeed are all angels.

Meaning: Careful control of volatile factors resulting in a successful conclusion. A harmonious partnership, peace restored after a troubled time. Self-control and adaptability. The power of imagination being such that wishes can be fulfilled.

Reversed Meaning: Quarrels, competing interests, unfortunate combinations of events and people. Corruption and domestic strife.




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August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>
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