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Reading Methods

There are many Patterns into which the cards are laid out to create a reading. These Patterns, called 'spreads', can be general or specific. If general, no question is asked and the reader gains an overall impression of the enquirer's life and the events which will shape it in the future. The more specific type of reading requires a direct question to be asked by the enquirer while shuffling the cards.

The Three-Card Spread

This must be the simplest of all Tarot spreads. It involves laying  out three cards to represent
past, present and future.


The Calendar Spread

Here, thirteen cards are laid out with one in the center and a further twelve in a circle around it. This spread is excellent for timings events and for foretelling the enquirer's fortunes throughout the twelve months following the month in which the reading is done.

The Horoscope Spread

Each of the card represents an area of the enquirer's life. If you use this option, decide first whether you are using this spread as a calendar or as a horoscope.

Center Card: General influences on the enquirer.
Card I: Personality of enquirer.
Card II: Money, possessions and material concerns.
Card III: Short journeys, brothers and sisters, learning.
Card IV: Home life, childhood.
Card V: Romance, leisure, fun and children
Card VI: Work, habits and health matters.
Card VII: Partnerships of all kinds either business of personal.
Card VIII: Sexuality, shared resources, inheritance and investments.
Card IX: Distant travels, religion and philosophy.
Card X: Career, status and direction.
Card XI: Friends, social life and hopes for the future.
Card XII: Secrets, hidden enemies and where you are own worst enemy.




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August Forecast <font color=cc0033>New!</font>
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