Manglik Report

Manglik Report

According to Traditional Astrology, when the planet Mars is located in certain houses of the horoscope, it casts malefic influences on various life aspects of that person. A person having such an afflicted Mars status is known as a Manglik. This condition is also called the Kuja Dosha or the Bhauma Dosha. Rishi Parashara enunciated his theory as the configuration for a widower, and this is one of the extreme cases of Mars affliction.

If you are interested in just knowing if you are a Manglik or not, . just visit our Free Manglik Check Report and you can easily come to know about it.

And if you interested to know much more about the role and specific results of planet Mars in your horoscope, you need to opt this Report.

The Manglik report will tell you whether you are having a benefic or malefic Mars. Whether Mars is really going to affect your married and social life or not? Even Traditional Astrologers are saying you a Manglik but then also you can have a happy married life. Yes, its true and I will tell you the real fact of having this kind of combination in your chart. The Manglik Report will provide you:

  • Your natal horoscope
  • Your personal Astrological details
  • Effects of houses concerned with planet Mars
  • Role of planet Mars.
  • Effect of Manglik Dosha
  • Yantra recommendations
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies.

Price: US $ 16 / INR 1100 only