Panchang is a sanskrit name. Indian astrologers do astrological calculations with help of Panchang. The Panchang which is given in this site is based on IST (GMT + 05:30:00). The calculations which were done in horoscope are based on these traditional principals of Vedic Astrology. The panchang given here is used by most of the astrologers and people in day to day life to calculate the right Mahurat. It is not possible to give complete panchang through software on internet and in case you require something, kindly contact our astrologer for any query.

(PANCH= FIVE, ANG= PARTS) Panchàng as the name implies in Hindi consists of five parts which are Tithi, day, yog, karan, Nakshtra.

TITHI: Poisition of Sun and Moon. At the end of Amavasya, Sun and Moon both remain at the same Degree (Ansh), the shukla Paksha Pratipada starts at that time.When the difference of fast revolving Moon from Sun becomes 12 Degree (Ansh) that is the end of Pratipada and start of Dwitiya.Besides this, please get information of all the tithies with the stages of Moon revolving around the Earth

TITHI VRIDHI ( Addition) : The tithi which is present at the time of Sunrise on first day and also on the second day sunrise is called Tithi Vridhi.

TITHI KSHAYA ( Delectin ) : The tithi which starts after first sunrise and ends before second sun rise is called Tithi Kshaya.

DAYS: The time between first sunrise to next sunrise is called a day : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday are 7 days of the week.

YOG: When the total of Zodiac sign (Rashi), degree (Ansh) minute (kalaa) of full Moon and Sun becomes 13 degree (Ansh) and 20 minute (Kala), it becomes a Yog. There are 27 Yogas : Vishkumbh, Preeti, Aayushman, Saubhagya, Shobhan, Atigand, Sukarma, Dhriti, Shool, Gand, Vridhi, Dhruv, Vyaghat, Harshan, Vajra, Sidhi, Vyatipat, Variyaan, Parigh, Shiv, Sidh, Sadhya, Shubh, Shukla, Brahm, Ainder, Vaidhriti.

KARAN: One tithi has two karans. 7 Char karans are : Vav, Valav, Kaulav, Taitil, Gar, Vanij, Vishti. 4 Fixed Karans are: Shakuni, Chatushpad, Naag kinstughan. In total there are 11 Karan. Only sunrise time karan has been given in this Panchaang. If you want to know the Karan of any day you can know from the following table with the knowledge of Tithi and Paksha.

NAKSHATRAS: The whole universe is divided into 360 degrees. The whole belt of zodiac is divided into 27 segments to get an area of 13 degrees 20 kalaa. From Ashwani to Revati nakshtras there are 27 segments. Nakshtra of any day or time is the segment of these 27, occupied by moon on that day or time. Every nakshtra has four periods (CHARAN). Two and a quarter of the Nakshtras make a Rashi.