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The Judgment
Card XX
Ruled By Pluto and the Fire Element

A conventional Christian scene of the last Judgment is seen in this card. The Fiery archangel Michael sounds the last trumpet and the dead rise from their graves to be judged on their conduct in life. The main concern of the card is death and rebirth. The symbolism, though Christian here, is a familiar kind found in many cultures such as Persian, Norse, Hindu and ancient Greek mythology as well as in modern Voodoo. It can signify far-reaching decisions that cannot be reneged upon.
Meaning: New Potential. An opportunity which, once given, must not be ignored. The call, to fresh efforts. A new Project and a decision that will affect the rest of Your life, Career success and the enjoyment of past efforts. This card speeds up the pace of the rest of the cards and shows that the outcome will be quicker than you expect.
Reversed Meaning: Opportunities ignored, fear and a refusal to move from your position. Fear of death and illness. Refusal to change when change is vital. Reversed, Judgment delays outcomes.

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