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The Wheel of Fortune
Card X
Ruled By Jupiter

The Wheel of Fortune was a medieval symbol of the vanity of man and of earthly power. It is found as far back as Ancient Greece as the spinning wheel of three goddesses known as the Fates. There may be a hint of this in 'the sleeping beauty' the story of the three fairies and the fateful curse, concerning a spinning wheel, that they impose on an infant Princess. Traditional sayings associated with the card are concerned with the beasts and with the wheel itself. The Sphinx at the top says 'I rule', the serpent 'I have ruled', and the dog 'I will rule'. The wheel itself is 'Without rule', since the Power of the Fates exceeded that of the gods themselves. When the wheel is reversed the meaning of the saying 'Life & is a lottery' becomes very obvious indeed.
Meaning: A 'turn for the better', the end result of Past actions and the workings of destiny, which no one can completely understand' An end to current Problems and some marked strokes of luck' Reversed Meaning: Bad luck and unpleasant surprises. Remember that the wheel will turn in your favor eventually.

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