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The Strength
Ruled By Leo

The Strength card shows a woman in the act of opening a lion's mouth. To attempt such a thing is obviously indicative of courage and fortitude, especially since the lady is wearing no protection. However, this is an act she accomplishes with gentle firmness, leaving the lion in no doubt as to her determination. The card is governed by the sign of Leo, indicating honor, reliability, honesty and a fixed sense of purpose. This card is a good indication of recovery from illness or other difficulties. It may describe a situation that must be reacted to bravely even though you are afraid. Resolute action and a willingness to stand up for what is right no matter what the consequences are shown by the card.
Meaning: Physical strength courage defeating mean attitudes and hatred, You will triumph over your enemies. If ill health has been experienced, then rapid improvement will occur. A fight for fair play.
Reserved Meaning: Cowardice, loss of nerve, Giving in, or being beaten by unfair means, You must overcome your fears.

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