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The Sun
Card XIX
Ruled By the Sun

A beaming sun gazes down on a naked child riding a white horse. The child holds up a banner. Behind him is a wail, over which sunflowers are seen, or the sunflowers may be shown on open ground. The mood of the card is buoyant and happy. The glorious Sun bestows the gift of life to all the universe. The child, without saddle or bridle, represents the Perfect control between the conscious and unconscious mind. The child's nakedness shows that he has nothing to hide. The sunflowers symbolize the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
Meaning: Success, glory, happiness joy and achievement. Happy reunions and joyful love affairs, Pleasure, vitality and good health. The Sun card can signify summer or hot sunny places. Children are also shown by this card, perhaps good news concerning offspring, or a longed-for baby will be born.
Reversed Meaning: The Sun card cannot be too negative - perhaps there will be some delays in achieving the full joy of the Sun. Possibly there will be some minor setbacks on the way.

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