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The Tower
Card XVI
Ruled By Mars

A sturdy tower erected on a hill is struck by lightning. The castellated top of the tower is lifted by the blast and fire strikes deep within. Flames roar from three narrow windows as two figures fall from their ruined refuge. The Tower is a symbol of safety. In this case, of course, it was not so safe after all. Too much trust had been placed in its thick walls by the builders and those who lived within. The windows denote a narrow view of the world. The card reflects the fact that nothing can stand against the will of the divine.
Meaning: The breaking down of an outworn sense of values. A sudden shock that is nevertheless a blessing in disguise. Freedom from old, possibly self-imposed restrictions. Sudden disruptive change is inevitable but nothing to be feared, since you will come through this experience a better and stronger person.
Reversed Meaning: False accusations, imprisonment and oppression. Another interpretation is that you will cause a sudden change or show a rebellious altitude that will be a shock, surprise or dismay to others.

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