Budh (Mercury) Puja

Those who are weak at studies, lack concentration and suffer from blood pressure and sugar problem etc., should worship Budha. Also those running Mercury dasha or Sub-period. A prayer to Budha, on Wednesdays, brings in manifold benefits like removing obstacles, progeny, possession of fertile lands, etc. Mercury pooja calm down negative effects of planet Budh, keep evil away from our life and improve health and wealth. Mercury pooja invokes the positive power of planet Mercury / budh for well being of the devotee.

BUDHA Puja is specially performed for those who have lack of attentiveness, low in studies, speech incapability and issues related with low blood pressure. This puja will help to minimize the evil impact of troubled mercury.


Bhuda puja is dedicated to graha Budha. It is smallest of the Navgraha in the solar system and nearest to the Sun. He is considered wisest among all the graha. According to Hindu mythology, BUDHA is the Son of LORD CHANDRA (Moon) and Tara. Essence or Nature of Budha is Airy. He does fastest movement in the Sky. He also called Communicator God as he represents Dialogue/ Speech. According to astrology Budha/ Mercury is the planet of intelligence, business, logic, Money and Friends. It is directly linked with intelligence i.e. how a person performs a task smartly is dependent on BUDHA. BUDHA is believed to be a God of Trade and protector of merchants/ businessmen. Budhvaar (Wednesday) is the day of deity BUDHA.

Mercury or Budh grah is the Prince of Planets considered as the planet of communication. It represents trade, accounts, banking and commerce fields. It is a dual natured planet, Who governs with Gemini and Virgo. Our body some parts i.e. arms, ear, and nervous system are ruled by Mercury or Budh.

Significance of Budha Puja/ Homam

People who have strong Budha position in their horoscope are very intelligent, skilled in arguments debates and are able to present their thoughts wisely in front of others. It's also auspicious for business and health. Budha favourable position in horoscope signified as intellectual sharp mind with good communication skills. Such people are good in studies and writing. They have a good body structure, bright eyes and the person appears much younger than his actual age.

However, people with low position of Budha often face many problems and side effects of it. Health issues and speech defects have been found in such natives. For example nasal disorder, speech impediments, stammering, asthama, brain fever, breathing problems, paralysis and nervous disorder.

Benefits of Mercury Puja:

  • Mercury pooja helps to improve intellect, communications skills.
  • Helps to builds strong relationships with individual or business units.
  • Gives positive effect on our physical and mental health.
  • Gives us peace of mind and keep evils away.
  • Beneficial for students to achieve desirable results in their field.

Customer Reviews

Thanks alot for the remedy for my low Mercury planet. I have cleared my competitive exam.

By Jayesh Meena

My 13 years old girl had a speech issue. We had consulted many doctors and get her treatment done. Still the results are not visible. My Maa suggested me to consult an astrologer. I searched for it and found the solution here. Purohit jee suggested some self remedies (my daughter needs to do) and Budha puja. We have choosen both. It has been four months and their is outstanding improvement in my daughter's speech. I personally recommend this puja to everyone those who have Speech Issues.

By Rajeev Joshi

Got the desired results after the puja. I am more confident than ever before, now I can easily express my thoughts and skills in front of others. Get good results in my studies as well. Now planning for higher studies at foreign University........

By Jyoti Verma

When my friend suggested me the pooja I was hesitate to believe in the astrology. I always believed that 100 hardwork matters. But now I can say astrology play a very important and wide role in our life. By the timely suggestions and pooja we can bring the positive change in our life. I am highly thankful for the team. Words are less to discribe my happiness. I am very happy with the result of Homam and remedies I got.

By Shashi Singh