Gun Dosh Nivaran Puja

This Puja is performed to removing the negative effects of the Gun Dosha | Puja for happy married life.

Gun Dosha Nivaran Puja should be performed when the numbers of Gunas matching are less or there is a Nadi, bhakoot or any other dosha in the Gunas. This Puja is helpful in minimizing the ill effects of less gun dosha or any other dosha in Gun Milan.

Why Gun Dosh Nivaran Puja

In Hindu Dharam When marriage is planned the horoscope of bride and groom matched to check the forthcoming matrimonial life of the couple. If the number of Gunas matching are less than a preferable numbers than this Puja /Homam helps in reducing the ill or negative effect of the planets.

A special string of Mantras are recited and the Havan is done after the puja to rectify the unbalanced horoscope of the bride and groom.

It is one of the most powerful homam for happy married life.

It is performed for removing the bad effects of Gan Dosh, Bhakut Dosh and Nadi Dosh found during the match making of a couple.

A Guna Dosh Puja is also recommended in those cases where, Guna Dosh is present in the horoscopes of life partners. Such a situation is very common specifically in the cases where a marriage has been done by the couple's personal choice or love marriage and hence they have not considered the match making of horoscope prior to marriage.

There are certain Guna Doshas like Nadi Dosha or Nakshtra Dosha which can result in a lot of problems in married life of a couple I.e. Lack of Harmony and understanding between the partners, frequent Medical Problems, Problems in conceiving Child or the health concerns of children.

If unfortunately a Guna Dosh (Nadi Dosha, Bhakut Dosha, Nakshtra Dosha, Gana Dosha etc.) is present in the couples' horoscope, then it is highly recommended that a Gun Dosh Nivaran Puja/homom must be performed so that they can lead a Happy Married Life. This Puja is also recommended for those prospective couples who wants to have a happy married life in future.

Benefits of Gun Dosha Puja

  • Helps to build harmony in couple.
  • Leads to have strong understanding between the couple.
  • Removes the negative effects of planets.
  • Improves the physical and mental health of life partner
  • Those couple planning to have kids, the puja helps to bring the positive energy in the relationship so the wife can conceive a child.
  • Best for the love marriage couple to have a successful marriage life.
  • Leads to a happy married life.

Customer Reviews

We both have a love marriage, after a 4 years love affair. But after the one and half year of marriage it seems that all love and harmony had vanished from our relationship, we just argue or fought on everyday basis. My mother has a believer of astrology and she suggested me the horoscope matching where we found that we have Guna Dosha disparity in our horoscope. We took the help of Astrojyotish for the GUNA DOSHA PUJA, and really it's fruitful in our case. Our love life has become normal and negative effects had reduced. We are thankful nto the team for the puja.

By Aprana- Mehul

I have fixed the marriage of my daughter with a reputed family. They also liked my daughter but when the horoscope matched it shows Guna dosh in the match making. Both the families got worried as we want this marriage to happen. We came to know about Astrojyotish by one relative. They done this Puja and Homom for my daughter happy marriage life. Now my daughter is happily married from the last one year. I am thankful to the team for their guidance.

By Jatin shah