Mangal Puja / Homam

An explored condition of Graha Mangal guides a way of piles of problems in life and bring evil impact that delay or obstruct the possibility of happiness and prosperity.

The malefic presence of Mangal Graha in a person's horoscope can be set on by Mangal Puja/ Homam.


Mangal (Mars) is one of the Graha among Navgraha. In astrology Mangal is known as Bhoomiputra, Bhoom, Avni, Kruv etc. It is red in colour and called ANGARAKA ( due to its red colour) or also Bhuma because it is the son of EARTH (Prithvi).

He has a Tamas Guna and represents energy, action, confidence, strength and ego. In a person's horoscope, if Mangal is at its own Zodiac sign and is in auspicious position i.e. in the center or triangle or at high, then the person is surely blessed with all comforts and luxurious of life. Mars is as important in life as blood is a necessity of a body. Such importance contributed by Mangal (Mars) in person's life.

He/ She will get respect, fame, apprection in the society and enjoy land, Property, Govt job (Forces, Police, IAS, IPS etc) and would have good relation with siblings.


If Mars is auspicious in a person's horoscope, then the person become courageous, strong, brave and mighty. The person will get the favourable verdict in land related cases and enemies of such person (those who has favourable position of Mars) will get defeated.

If any auspicious planet is sighted on Mars, then the bad effects of Mars will become weaker.

Due to the ill effects of Mars, there will be delay in marriage of a person and for married couple marriage can be break-up (divorce) or their will be lack of understanding and adjustment among the couple. It is due to the Mangal position at 7th house in the person's horoscope, which shows the matermonial life. It is the position which causes conflicts, tension, quarrel and divorce between husband and wife.

Mars also gives impact on health of a person if placed at unfavorable position, there are chances of accidents or injury. It also causes tonsils, smallpox, mental hysteria, heart disease and blood disorder etc.

Benefits of Mangal (Mars) Puja/ Homam

  • Helps to get rid of malefic presence of Mangal Dosh.
  • Get victory in land or property related cases.
  • Improvement in health related issues.
  • Resolved the issues of marriage due to the Mangal dosh.
  • Those who has Mangalik Dosh get rid of it and marriage chances will improve for those natives.
  • Avoid the chances of accidents and injury.
  • Improves the position of MANGAL GRAHA in the horoscope of a person.

Customer Reviews

My marriage was delayed due to mangalik dosh in my horoscope. My family consulted the Purohit jee on this site. They suggested the Mangal Puja. Really its work for me like a lottery. Within the month of Puja my marriage got fixed. Now happily married for last 7 months.

By Sneha Kapoor

Going through a bad Health phase in life. Again and again health issues were increasing, two times met with an accident. I get checked my horoscope here. They told about weak Mangal position and some self remedies and Mangal puja. I requested them to perform puja for me. From now last one years health is improving and I feel peaceful, calm and get confidence in my life..

By Kaushal Kaushik