Chandra (Moon) Puja

Chandra Puja is performed to please the Lord Chandra, the Moon God/ a Lunar deity. Chandra Puja is referred to those who have low Chandra position in their horoscope.

Lord Chandra gives peaceful and pacify impact in our life Chandra Puja helps in improving concentration, mental peace, pleasing personality, control of emotions and to get rid of mental depression.

Lord Chandra - The Moon God

In Vedic astrology Lord Chandra/ Moon is known as SOMA. SOMA is named after the Angelic scarifying drink used in Vedic Sacrifices.

In Sanskrit Chandra means "bright and Shinning". It is also one of the Graha in NAVGRAHA. LORD Chandra represents the psychological-emotional needs, behaviour and unconscious of an individual, in other words it's a representative of man's wisdom, intellect and mind.

Lord Chandra parents are Rishi Atri and Mata Anusuya. In Hindu mythology Lord Chandra described as a Youthful and Handsome man. He is the father of BUDHA GRAHA (Planet Mercury).

Significance of LORD CHANDRA

CHANDRA'S favourable position in Birth Chart makes a person affectionate, sensitive, youthful, energetic and sensible. A person would be creative, innovative, an influence thinker, courageous and psychologically balanced in the strong Chandra Mahadasha.

However, the weak Chandra brings emotional breakdown, instability in thoughts, confused nature and infirmity in personality. Weak Chandra affects the person physically also i.e. insomniac, fatigue, kidney disease, infertility issues, stress and depression. It affects the person's behaviour which spoils the relationship of an individual with other.

To improve the position of Chandra a person is advised to donate rice, white clothe, silver, white flower, sugar, curd and pearls. Other than that a person is advised to have the CHANDRA PUJA/ HOMAM with a guidance of an expert Purohit as per vedic rituals.

Benefits of Chandra Puja

  • Improves the concentration and intelligence of a person.
  • A person will get attractive personality and mental peace. He/ She learn to get control over emotions .
  • Helps to clear the doubt of mind and increase the thinking skills.
  • Get rid of weak Chandra.
  • Builds a strong relationship with others.
  • Bring the positive results in person life.
  • Help to enhance memory, eyesight, beauty, brilliance and mental power.

Customer Reviews

I am happy to get the best advised to have a Chandra Puja for my problems. It is effective and best remedy for people going through with stress or depression. I am totally healed.

By Ritu Thakur

I am a share market broker. In my field we have to be a good bond with people. But I am not able to make a connection with others which a very big obstacles in my profession. I got my horoscope checked by this site and came to know about weak position of CHANDRA in birth chart. I asked for the remedy and they had performed for me. I am feeling in change in my personality. I have become more creative and influential.

By Chetan Kumar