Navgraha Puja / Homam

Navgraha Puja is specially performed to minimize the negative effects of Grahas/ Planets. Basically in this Puja all nine planets (above mentioned) are worshipped. Performing Navgraha Online Puja blessed the person with desirable results and he/ She gets relief from the obstacles and hindrances in their life.

Only an experienced and knowledgeable Purohit can perform Navgraha online puja with the Vedic rituals.

Significance of Navgraha Puja

Astrology is based on Universal Planet System. Every Planet orbits around Sun on the fixed axis but with the time, orbits position on the axis changes. It gives a certain effect on the horoscope of a person.

The Planetary System consists Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budha, Brihaspati/ Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. All of these planets called Navgraha. Navgraha is created by two words, NAV (nine) + GRAHA (Planet). So, we have 9 Planets which effects 12 Zodiac in the astrology.

The Navgraha Puja/ Homam is very auspicious in astrological beliefs as a Vedic Puja. The favourable position of a Graha in a person's horoscope forms YOGAS (positive effects) and unfavorable position of Graha in a person's horoscope forms DOSHAS (negative effects). When a person's horoscope has Graha on favourable position, he/she blessed with good health, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom, success in profession and harmony in personal life. But if the Grahas are on undesirable position, a person would be faced malefics effects of it i.e. bad Health and obstacles in every phase of life.

Benefits of Navgraha Puja/ Homam

  • Gives the strength to the weak Graha.
  • Decrease the negative effects of the DOSHAS.
  • Get relief from the bad Financial condition .
  • Recovery from the long disease and live a long life
  • Brings the success in professional life and harmony in personal life.
  • Best remedy for career success and to overcome the business losses.
  • Blessed the Sankalp bearer with good health wealth, prosperity, knowledge and recognition.
  • Gets victory of enemies and ill effects of negative energy.
  • Beneficial with Mental peace and issue related with Mental Health.
  • Get rid of bad effects of Sins.
  • Blessed with charming personality and influence the people in Society.

Customer Reviews

From the last few years suffered from Shani Sade Sati. Health and business suffered alot. Astrojyotish team Purohit jee suggested the Navgraha Puja and Homam. After the fee weeks only the things are getting in desirable position.

By Krishan Kumar

I was adviced to perform Nav graha puja in my home from an astrologer living nearby my place. But i chose astrojyotish online puja services. Really wonderful and good results. Purohit on astrojyotish do work with proper dedication. Thanks a lot.

By Sanjay Chaudhary