Puja and Homams

Santana Gopal Puja / Homam

Children are the most precious gift to a couple. Every married couple desire to have kids when they are emotionally and physically ready. But sometimes due to malefic effects of planets or previous life karma a couple dont have kids. Santana Gopalam Puja is suggested for such couples.

In this puja Lord Krishna eighth Son of VASUDEV - DEVKI, baal roop is worshipped for seeking the blessing to have the kids. This puja si specifically done for issueless couples those desire to have a healthy baby and for those also who are facing miscarriage problem again & again.


  • Removes malefic planet effects in way of bringing on a child.
  • Blessed the devotee with Santan Sukh.
  • Released stress, anxiety and negativity among the couple and open a way of Parenthood.
  • Resolved the issues related with health of a Child.
  • Provides protection to the child upto the age of 12 years.
  • If any child is not good in studies/ lack of concentration, this puja will help to attain the concentration in studies.
  • Lord Krishna blessed the well being of children in all aspects physically, emotionally and socially.
  • Bringing the devine blessings of Lord Krishna in devotee life.

This puja is a remedy for all the obstacles or delay in progeny/Parenthood/motherhood and complications arises during pregnancies.

In the early childhood of Lord Krishna too many unwanted incidents happened which were the deadly for Baal Karishna but every time he saved himself and others ( his Sakha and disciples from the evil tactics of KANS his Maternal Uncle King of Mathura. Purana Vadh, Yamuna poisonous water are the few examples among those tectics.

So this puja is also fruitful for the children who faced Health or other issues in their early childhood. It is beneficial for the well being of all child.

Customer Reviews

After the 6 years of marriage my sister don't have a child although she is physically fit. I am a devotee of lord Krishna and believes in Laddo Gopal. I suggested her this Puja. Her family doesn't know the way to get it done. I had specifically suggested one Pandit jee but they took the help of internet and find this Site. After the SANTANA GOPALAM PUJA my sister blessed with a healthy child, who is now 2 years old. I am very happy and thankful to this site.

By Nirmala Devi

I have 2 daughters one Son. My younger daughter was not Healthy and oftenlly remain ill. We had consulted many doctors but she didn't get recovered fully. We had decided to choose the Vedic rituals for her well being. Purohit jee suggested this puja for her. And we give order to the same day as we had alret spent good amount on doctors but didn't get any good result. After the puja the condition of my daughter started getting improvement. We are blessed to have Lord Krishna blessing.

By Kiran Verma