Saraswati Puja / Homam

Maa Saraswati is worshipped as a Devi of KNOWLEDGE. She is pronounced with the name of HANSVAASINI also. As in her incarnation, she is sitting on Hans/Swan. Maa Saraswati has a veena in her right hand, which shows her love in Music. According to the Hindu Mythology Maa Saraswati is the wife of Universe creator Bhagwaan Brahama. She represents the peace and creativity in her statue.

Maa Saraswati symbolises Learning, intellect, knowledge, wisdom and innovation. She manages the mental-moto and Speech skills of a human being. Speech is the main part of music. That's why all musicians worshipped Maa Saraswati as their Goddess of Music also. All the creative writer, musician, artist, sculpture- maker, musical instruments players worshipped and follow Maa Saraswati in throughout their life.

Goddess Saraswati (Sarasvati) is the wife (consort) of Lord Brahma and possesses the powers of speech, wisdom and learning. She has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning; mind, intellect, alertness and ego. Saraswati Devi is controller of education, intelligence and speech. In case a man stammers his stammering will be controlled by this Homam. By performing this Homam one will be blessed with success in the examinations, will have concentration in education, will not forget but retain and remember whatever he or she reads.

Benefits of Maa Saraswati Puja

  • A Maa Saraswati devotee will blessed with the knowledge and wisdom.
  • Professional artist skills improves by the blessing of Maa Saraswati.
  • Maa Saraswati brings the innovation in the life of the believer.
  • Students learning and writing skills improves after the mantra jaap and puja of Maa Saraswati.
  • Competitive Exams candidates get power of focusing their attention on the exam.
  • Maa Saraswati Puja improves the Thinking and intellectual level of a individual.
  • Students get positive vibes and improves their academics.
  • It is believed that if a person stammers and he/ She worshipped Maa Saraswati, their speech improvise/ speaking ability improves.
  • Confidence of person belongs to creative and innovative fields boost up.

Customer Reviews

I was a very low in my studies, it is not that I don't have interest in studies but whatever I learned, I used to forget it easily. My mother has performed Saraswati Puja for me with the help of Astrojyotish team. Now I am doing well in studies as my confidence and learning skills improvise.

By Sahil Sharma

I always believe in doing the hardwork but after doing too much hardwork in preparation of my exams, continuesly I was failed to get the desired results. I am a Theists and believes the existence of the God and it's super natural powers. I took the help of Astrojyotish team for my problem. They suggested Maa Saraswati Puja, Mantra Jaap and Homam to me. The Astrojyotish team performed the puja for me. I am highly thankful to them....

By Anonymous