Shiv Parvathi Puja

According to Hindu Mythological Book SHIV PURAN Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati has a great matrimonial life. In the book they are mentioned as a perfect couple. Shiv Parvati Puja is done for the married couple to bring the positive vibes and energy among them. When a Purohit or Pandit performed the puja for the Sankalp bearer couple, they will blessed with love and harmony in their relationship.

Hindu believes that Bhagwan SHIV is the bestest example of a LOVING, CARING, UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSIONATE HUSBAND, as per above mentioned belief many unmarried girls keep fast and worship Bhagwan Shiv for getting the Husband like Lord SHIVA.

Bhagwan Shiv has represented himself as a ARDHNARISHWAR AVTAR, means half Shiv and half Parvati make a most desirable picture of a married couple. It shows the equality of wife and Husband in a married life. Respect and Harmony for each other.

Shiv Parvati Puja brings the love care and respect as Bhagwan SHIV and Maa PARVATI has in their relationship.

Sometimes, there are conflicts, misunderstanding and unwanted situation between a couple and they desire to have a Hassle free relationship.

SHIV-PARVATI Puja is one of the best way to have a happy married life and also a normal married couple (who desires to have continues harmony in their relation) can have Shiv Parvati Puja and Homam.

Benefits of Shiv Parvati Puja

  • Solves conflicts in your relationship.
  • It will bring back your lost love for each other.
  • It removes ego and misunderstanding among couple.
  • Blessed harmony among the couple.
  • Removes the negative thought and atmosphere between the couple.
  • Those who are thinking of separation, will blessed to have rejuvenation in their love life.
  • This puja finishes all the problems coming in a way of happy married life.

Shiv Parvathi Puja is for long and happy married life. Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva Puja is performed as they are considered to be the perfect match i.e. Shiv and Shakti. This Puja is considered to be best for marital happiness. If there is any discord in the relationship, all are resolved.

Customer Reviews

As a couple, we ger performed this puja with the help of Astrojyotish team for our strong and happy married life. As it is suggested to have once in a year. I am a devotee of Bhagwan Shiv and believe that this puja has brought more love and bonding between us.

By Rajni Mehra

Any relationship can be reuined due to misunderstanding and ego. I am married man from last 4 years but never felt a strong relationship with my wife. We both are unapologetic to each other which lead a comfortable living for each other. But when the time came for self realisation, we decided to go for astrology way. Because I have listen from my younger each the some puja and fast can change the incidents or decrease the danger of anything. online puja was suggested for Lord Shiv Parvati. Whole heartedly me and my wife took the sankalp for it. I am thankful to the Purohit jee for it, as our married life is coming on track day by day. Now we are planning to have kid. Really the puja bring confort, peace and respect for eachother. I am very thankful to the astrojyotish purohit.

By Jagan Dev