Sudarshan Puja

Sudharshan Puja is dedicated to Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu. A spinning disc with 108 serrated edges is the Sudarshan Chakra adorned by Bhagwan VISHNU in his hand. Sudarshan means DIVINE VISION. It is considered the most powerful weapon in Hindu mythology. It is very powerful and helps in destroy every evil or negative energy.

That's why the SUDARSHAN POOJA performed with a belief to eliminate all enemies, to avoid accidents, or undesirable incidents. The mantras used in the Homa will keep all the negativity away. They attracts divine and auspicious energies.

Benefits of Sudarshan Pooja:

Sudarshan Pooja is performed for :

  • Any auspicious beginning.
  • Removing astrological flaws.
  • For attaining victory, courage and prosperity
  • To exterminate evil forces
  • Lord Sudarshan dispersed incurable diseases
  • Alleviates the suffering of the progeny belonging to later generations due to non-performance of the after death rites of the ancestors.
  • Protect from future danger or problems.
  • Protection from any type of losses.

Customer Reviews

I was going through a bad phase of life mentally and physically from the last 3 years. But after performing of SUDARSHAN POOJA my health improves alot. I am thankful for the help.

By Hardik Gaur

Going through with the losses again and again in my boutique business but after the sudarshan pooja, I am geeting favourable results in my business. Thanks to for their efforts.

By Seema Saha.