Venus (Shukra) Puja / Homam

The planet Venus (Shukra) is the most benevolent of all the planets. To have a happy married life, one should worship Shukra Deva. Shukra Puja helps to reduce the effects of inauspicious Shukra/ Venus in the horoscope. If someone has problems with Shukra Graha, the worshipping the same with beneficial for them. This will also remove the conflicts of married life. Strong Shukra will blessed pleasure and opulence in the life.

Who is Shukra / Venus

In Hindu mythology Shukra/ Venus is one of the Graha of Navgraha. SHUKRA is the Guardian and Guru of Demons (Asuras). SHUKRA counselled Asuras in Vedic Mythology.

SHUKRA is the son of Rishi BHRIGU. As per Hindu mythology Shukra himself divided into two parts, one half source of knowledge for Devas and other half being the Knowledge for Asuras. In puran, it is mentioned that the Shurka closely associated with LORD SHIVA. LORD SHIVA blessed Shukra with Sanjeevani Vidhya, which he used to brought back Asuras to life. Friday (Shukravar) is the day of Shukra graha.

Significance of SHUKRA PUJA

Shukra Graha is regarded as a factor of beauty, art, creativity and lust. The native of strong Shukra will be rich in wealth, luxury, strength, materialistic comforts, happiness and a successful satisfying married life.

However, if the Shukra Graha is weak in a person's horoscope, it will cause many problems. Due to negative effects of venus life of person becomes barren, needy or deviod (poor). Sometimes despite having all the Materialistic comforts in the house, the person is unable to use them and continues to suffer loss. Due to weak Shukra Graha the conflicts in married life increased or preveil.

Benefits of Shukra Puja

  • All conflicts of married life will be resolved. Peace and prosperity come in life.
  • Shukra dosh due to unfavorable position will be emitted.
  • Matter with enemies get solved or settled in polite manner/ cordially.
  • Blessed the person with a powerful, attractive and influential personality to perform well in personal and professional life.
  • Increase the chances for natives to attain the higher / prominent position in life.
  • People indulged in art, hotel business, fashion designing, beauty-spa, will shine and get success in their field.
  • Helps to attain the youth and disease free life .

Customer Reviews

I have the Shukra Puja and Homam for married life problems. As a couple we never felt the spark in our married life which leads towards daily arguments and conflicts. After the puja I can say results are good in my case. Things are changing day by day in happy manner.

By Jitendera Sahu

I am a good kathak dancer and a painter also. Still I was unable to get the recognition to my talent. I get to know about the remedy by my friend and he only suggested me to this website. I ordered Shukra Puja as it is Economical for me. With in the 25 days of Puja I got the call from one of the prominent school as a Dance teacher. Feels Happy to share here

By Sarita Shukla