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sagittarius predictionsSagittarius Horoscope for Year '2018'

Sagittarius Love

This year mutual respect and understanding will take your love to a more meaningful level. You need to be open hearted and should not let any misunderstanding to arise. In marital life patience and tolerance are the two base words for you. Remember them specially in the month of May.

Sagittarius Career

Your intelligence would help you to make utmost use of the plenty of opportunity coming your way and bring commendable change in your life. With careful planning and sincerity of execution you will be able to reach your target and too without wasting much time. New job prospects are sure to come.

Sagittarius Health

This year your stomach needs to be guarded against aliments as you would be highly prone to it. Precaution would help you stay away from diseases but still extra care would be required in months of February, June and November. You need to exercise moderation as excess workout is not seen well.

Sagittarius Finance

It is vital for you to limit your expenditure and prioritize your spending. There is a very good chance of gaining for someone else efforts. New way and means of generated additional income will as opportunity to you. Your past investments are going to bring in good gains in the year 2018.

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