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Vastu for industry ensures the successful running of business activities, leading to larger production and better monetary profits. Applying Vaasthu advice for industry can be of great help and also it paves way for prosperity in business. There are several things that are considered while setting Vastu guidelines for industries like selection of site, position of electronic gadgets, location of guardroom, staff quarters, pantry, administrative area, color scheme of the industry, placement of raw materials and many more. 

Here are some Vaastu tips for industry:

  • The major construction should take place in the southwest portion of the plot.
  • There should be more of open space on the northern and eastern sides.
  • The right place for the installation of overhead water tank is northeast zone.
  • The ideal place for storing the raw material lies in the western portion and for the finished goods, the apt place is the one lying on the northwest side.
  • The directions recommended for the placement of doors are: northeast or east or northwest.
  • If you wish to maintain a nice lawn, then north and east portions of the plot are appropriate.
  • The ideal location for constructing administrative area is northern or eastern side.
  • For staff quarters, the right place is the one lying in southeast or northwest zone.



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