Vastu for bedroom takes into consideration different determinants to ensure harmony in the house. A couple of things that become important to be considered, while constructing and designing bedrooms are: proper location, proper placement of bed, color scheme of the room, the direction and placement of doors, windows, furniture, electronic gadgets etc

Here are some Vaastu tips for bedroom:

  • For ensuring peace in the house, the main bedroom should be constructed in the South direction.
  • While sleeping, make sure that everyone sleeps with his or her head pointing towards the South corner. North direction should be completely avoided, as it acts as a source of nightmares and disturbed sleep.
  • Avoid placing the divine idols in the bedroom.
  • As a part of Vaasthu guidelines for bedroom, if you want to have a bookshelf in your bedroom, then west or southwest corner is apt for this purpose.
  • For constructing the master bedroom, southwest direction is just perfect. Other bedrooms can be constructed on the eastern or northern side of the master bedroom.
  • Square and rectangle shape bedrooms are just perfect for ensuring peace and prosperity.